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Twigg Winery offerings

The first Twigg grape vines were planted in 1998. The vineyard has grown to include both vinifera and hybrid varieties. Twigg Winery proudly offers red, white, and rose grape wines, apple and peach fruit wines, and hard cider. We make our fruit wines and cider from Manfull Orchards fruit. The farm, located in Augusta, has been our family farm for seven generations.



Elevation 1256′
Lush tannins from a barrel-fermented blend of Chambourcin, Merlot, Petit Verdot, and Cabernet Franc. Beautiful astringency with clove, spice, and vanilla perfect the long finish. A big wine crafted for enjoyment with bold cuisine.

Semi-Dry, Sweet

Baco Noir Nouveau
Bright and flavorful. Color is deep red with tones of garnet. Berry flavors, full-bodied.

Like a blood orange dipped in honey. Rose of baco noir. Abundant flavors of tropical fruit.

The gentle sweetness of honeydew melon with notes of peach, honey and pineapple. The Edelweiss grape, a native of Minnesota, thrives in the Twigg vineyard.

One sip and you’re swirled away into the orchard. Made from Manfull Orchards apples, with the flavor of family history dating to 1838. Fresh apple finish.

Enjoy a ripe, juicy peach in your glass. This wine is all sweetness and light, with fresh from the orchard flavor.

Vibrant and fruity with intense flavors of grape juice and your favorite jam.


Hard Ciders

Classic and specialty ciders in rotation.